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School Radio Studios and Products

Not only do we offer a multi range of School Radio Studios to meet any budget or specific requirements, we also provide additional products to help with School Radio projects of all types and sizes. We can supply anything from a audio equipment, professional "Custom Jingles" to web streaming and much more. We are also happy to offer simple and friendly advice on how to get your own School Radio and how to get the most from your School Radio system.

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Studio Packages and Additional Products:

Starter Studio Packages

The Starter Studio packages are ideal for launching School Radio on a tight budget and you still get a great School Radio studio package to make great radio!
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Portable Studios

Our range of portable studios offer all the benefits of a standard School Radio system but with the added flexibility of being able to move the studio whenever you need.
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Fixed Install Studios

Our range of fixed install studios are ideal for schools wanting to create a dedicated radio room or area that not only has everything they need but also looks really cool.
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Accessibility Studios

Our accessibility studio is the first School Radio studio designed specifically with SEN in mind. In collaboration with a number of special schools, we designed a School Radio solution with accessibility at it's heart.
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Premium Digital Studios

Our range of premium digital studios combine cutting edge digital technology with either modern or classic looks to create the perfect studio environment for full time broadcasters or higher education.
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Additional Products

We offer a wide range of professional audio and studio equipment to allow you to enhance or expand your School Radio experience. From microphones to studio furniture, you can get it all from our online store!
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