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School Radio Studio Packages

Our range of fixed install studios are ideal for schools wanting to create a dedicated radio room or area that not only has everything they need but also looks really cool.


The SR1 Package - Temporarily Unavailable

The SR1 provides a premium School Radio experience at an entry level price. The package includes every thing you need to create great School Radio content and broadcast live shows, from a compact and stylish studio.
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The SR2 Package - Temporarily Unavailable

The SR2 build on the SR1 package by adding a larger mixer with additional faders and functions as well as an additional presenter position and tower 'mic live' light all housed in stylish 'round table' style studio furniture.
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The SR2 Digital Package

The SR2 Digital offers a compact radio studio bristling with advanced features and cutting edge digital technology.
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SR4 - Fixed Studio

Stylish fixed School Radio studio. The SR4 is a comprehensive, fixed School Radio studio package featuring a modern, contemporary studio furniture design and a full complement of broadcast studio features.
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AR1 - Accessibility Studio

The World's Most Accessible Radio Studio The Accessibility Studio was developed in conjunction with a number of special schools around the UK to provide a School Radio studio package that would be accessible to students with varied levels of special educational needs.
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UR4 Fixed Studio Plus

If you are looking for a School Radio studio that combines high impact with visuals with an extremely flexible layout perfectly suited for speech based content, the UR4 ideal for you.
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UR7 - Digital Studio Deluxe

Our top end studio package features a raft of premium features and equipment to provide the ideal studio for serious broadcasters or for delivering radio or journalism focused courses.
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