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Package Features
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  • BR2 - Portable Studio

    The BR2 offers a truly portable radio studio without compromising on equipment making it ideal for schools or colleges operating on multiple sites.

    All equipment packs into the included flightcase or equipment storage box and connecting it all together is easy thanks to our clear and simple connections panels.

    The BR2 includes a full suite of professional software and an all in one playout PC with 22" touchscreen monitor.

    The package also includes professional audio encoding software and dynamic audio level processing hardware as standard.

    Onsite installation & training comes as standard as does lifetime support, resource access and two years subscription to School Radio Player.

    Package Details


    Key Package Features:


    School Radio SRMv2 Broadcast Mixing Desk

    The SRMv2 is a nine channel broadcast mixing desk designed by us specifically for use in our School Radio packages. Rather than re-badging an existing broadcast mixer, we wanted to design a mixer that offered powerful features and a user friendly interface suitable for use in primary and secondary schools. Once we designed the way the mixer should look and act, we partnered with the UK's leading broadcast technology manufacturer (Sonifex) to exclusively produce SRM mixers which you will only find in our School Radio packages. Sonifex liked there SRM so much they now produce the S0 which is a close cousin but the S0 does not offer the same rich, interactive features that you will find on the SRM.

    • 9 Channel Dual Input Mixer (4 mic inputs, 13 stereo inputs)
    • Built in telephone & Skype interface for telephone interviews etc*
    • Intelligent interaction with Myriad software
    • Level limited headphone output
    • Designed by us exclusively for School Radio
    • Built by Sonifex Ltd at their state of the art, UK factory.

    * Requires analogue telephone line

     SRMv2 Top (SMR2-Top-Angle-Issolated-2.jpg)

    Flight Cases For Mixer & Audio Equipment

    Other equipment such as microphones and speakers are housed in a plastic tub.

     Mixer Case

    Myriad 5 Playout Studio Suite

    Professional radio playout software used by thousands of radio station around the world.

    • 3 x Myriad 5 Playout Studio Software License
      • MediaWall
      • Favourites
      • Media Editor
      • The Pad
      • Library Tab
      • Log Tab
      • Myriad Schedule
    • 1 x Myriad AutoPlayer Software License
    • 1 x OCP SE
    • 1 x Advert Manager SE
    • 1 x Myriad Media AutoImporter
    • 3 x Bootstuff Licenses
     Myriad 5 full (Playout.jpg)

    Rackmount PC & Touchscreen

    • Intel i3 Processor (or equivilent)
    • 4GB Ram
    • 1TB Hard Drive
    • 4 Channel Sound Card (located in mixer case)
    • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
    • Touchscreen Display (22" or higher)
    • Windows 10 Pro OS

     1 x  K500 Myriad Control Keyboard

    Unique control keyboard for controlling the Myriad software. 

     K500 Myriad Control Keyboard

    Stereo Speakers

    Powered stereo speakers with volume controlled from the SRM mixer. 

    AV32 Speakers (AV32-Pair.jpg)


    2 x Presenter Microphone

    High quality condenser microphone using phantom power provided by the SRM mixer.

     Presenter Mic

    2 x Articulated Mic Arm

    Adjustable microphone arm that allows you to position the presenter mic in the ideal place.

     Articulated Mic Arm

    2 x Headphones

    High quality, enclosed headphones ideal for broadcast applications. 

     2 x Headphones

    'Mic Live' Light 

    Mounted in the SR2 flight case

    Mic Live In Case 

    SAM Cast Web Encoder

    Professional web encoding software


    National Curriculum - with 100+ additional notes relating to School Radio and our Premium Resource Packs (digital download version)

    Link your School Radio to key aims and statutory goals with the National Curriculum for England. Download our annotated copy of the document from the Premium Resources section of our website.

     National Curriculum With School Radio Notes (national_curriculum_thumb.png)

    Premium Resource Kit - resource kits that reference the National Curriculum and guide you through using your School Radio system in the classroom (digital download version)

    Access a range of resources covering many common School Radio activities. Each resource kit includes references to the National Curriculum, guidance on feature structure and tips on 'best practice' from radio professionals.

     Premium Resource Pack

    24 Months Streaming & School Radio Player

    Get streaming with our customisable School Radio Player. Add your station name, logo and information and you are ready to stream your station to computers, tablets and mobiles in no time.

    * May require a port opening on your school's firewall.

     School Radio Player

    First School Radio Show Handbook (Physical copy)

    Our glossy 48 page, full colour handbook will guide you through the process of creating your first (and many other) School Radio shows.

     School Radio Handbook

    School Radio Studio User Guide (digital copy)

    Our glossy 168 Studio User Guide will guide you through all the technical aspects of your School Radio system. From the knobs on the mixer to how best to use the software tools, the Studio User Guide provides clear and simple information aimed at 'non-technical' users.

    Also available as printed hardback book!

    We can also provide a full 168 page, colour, hardback book edition with your studio package for an additional £30 per book. 

    Studio User Guide 

    Free Onsite Installation & Training 

    • Delivery to anywhere in mainland UK
    • Half Day Onsite Installation & Setup
    • Half Day Onsite Training

    Training and installation to be done in a single visit.

    Extended training options available for an additional charge. Training and installation must take place on the same day.

    Installation Tools (tools.png)


    Lifetime Technical Support

    • Lifetime Telephone, Email & Remote Control Support
    • UK Office Hours
    • Lifetime Access To Support Resources


    Technical Support (support_call_women_2__small_web_only_.jpg)


    SR2 Dimensions

    Premium Resources & The National Curriculum

    Premium Resource Pack (resource-pack-folder-front-page-sm.png) National Curriculum With School Radio Notes (national_curriculum_thumb.png)

    All School Radio systems include access to our Premium Resource kits and a fully annotated copy of the National Curriculum to help you get the most from your School Radio system and use it to meet key goals and statutory aims within the National Curriculum.

    Handbook closedHandbook open

    This Studio also includes the First School Radio Show Handbook, our glossy 48 page full colour guide to planning, creating and broadcasting your first School Radio show.

    Arrange A Free Onsite Demo Today

    We offer a free, no obligation, onsite demonstration for Schools and Colleges across the UK. Our onsite demonstrations include:

    • Full introduction to the hardware and software typically included in our studio packages.
    • Chance for some 'hands on' experience in radio production and broadcasting.
    • Optional 'mini workshop' with students to allow them to have a go at making a radio show.
    • Site survey, we can advise about streaming, networking and speaker installations whilst onsite.
    • No cost, no commitment and no heavy sell!

    Arrange A Demo Today

    Compare Studio Packages

    If you would like to compare all of our studio packages, download ourStudio Comparison PDF here


    International Customers

    We are happy to offer international shipping on all of our studio packages. Please contact our team to for more details and for a localised package price.



    * Requires standard analogue telephone line, analogue telephone handset and cable set. Phone and cable set available from us for £25

    ** Mainland UK only. Installation & Training must be completed in a single visit. Additional charges may apply for Northern Ireland and ROI.

  • Myriad 5 full (Playout.jpg)

    Myriad is the UK's No.1 radio playout and automation system and can be found in more radio stations than any other system. Myriad is also used across the spectrum of radio broadcasters with our customer base including commercial, community, hospital, internet, student and school radio. So the system included in your school radio package is the same technology as we supply to the rest of the radio industry.

    Your school radio includes a full suite of professional grade Myriad software applications designed to provide all the software your School Radio station will ever need.

    Myriad 5 Playout Studio Suite

    Professional radio playout software used by thousands of radio station around the world.

    • 3 x Myriad 5 Playout Studio Software License
      • MediaWall
      • Favourites
      • Media Editor
      • The Pad
      • Library Tab
      • Log Tab
      • Myriad Schedule
    • 1 x Myriad AutoPlayer Software License
    • 1 x OCP SE
    • 1 x Advert Manager SE
    • 1 x Myriad Media AutoImporter
    • 3 x Bootstuff Licenses

    This means that you can install the Myriad Playout software on two additional PC's (not supplied in the package) to allow students to add content, edit audio and prepare shows before it is time to use the studio.

    The combined retail value of this software bundle is £8150+vat  but it is all included within this School Radio package.

  • Installation Tools (tools.png)

    This studio package includes onsite installation and training at any school within mainland UK. Our experienced team will arrive at your site with your pre-built School Radio package and install it in to your chosen location. 

    Fixed studio packages will be neatly installed and connected to your schools network via the provided network access point.

    If you have opted for a portable system then our engineers will show you how to setup the system and answer any questions you may have.

    Once the installation / setup is complete, our team member will spend 3-4 hours demonstrating how to use the system and answering all your questions. This training will mainly focus on the software elements although all aspects of your School Radio package will be covered.

    Depending on the School Radio package you have ordered and the distance we have travelled, our School Radio installations may be staggered over two days with the engineer staying locally overnight, but don't worry, you will not be charged extra if that is the case.

    Additional training sessions (both local and remote) can be arranged for a small additional cost.

  • Technical Support (support_call_women_2__small_web_only_.jpg)

    All SR Range packages NOW include Lifetime Aftercare which includes the following benefits.

    • Telephone, email & remote support (9:30 to 17:30, monday to friday)
    • Access to over 4 hours of tutorial videos
    • Electronic product documentation (interactive and PDF)
    • Access to extended resources on the School Radio website 
    • Minor software updates (within major version number (v4.x to v4.xx)


Request a No Obligation Quote Now

RRP Price
Our Price
£6,999+vat (inc onsite installation & training)

Fully portable, fully featured School Radio system. The BR2 is our fully portable School Radio studio. It offers all the benefits of a traditional broadcast radio studio but with the flexibility to pack the whole lot away in to some flight-cases and boxes for transport or storage.

"Children as young as Year 3, now schedule and broadcast programmes."

Martin Colman, NPL Rocking Radio, Bridlington Primary School

Optional Extras

Drama Suite Upgrade Package

This package includes additional microphones, floor stands, equipment and cables to allow you to add a dedicated drama suite to your School Radio Studio. Whether you want to produce a daily 'soap opera' or just the occasional radio play, this package is a useful addition to your School Radio setup.

View Details

Sound Deadening


We offer a range of DIY fit acoustic tiles that can easily be fixed to walls and flat surfaces to disrupt reflective sound echos and 'deaden' acoustically 'lively' spaces.

View Details

Speaker Systems


Installing speakers in key areas of your school is the most traditional way of creating a School Radio system. Speakers can be installed in key rooms such as dinner halls, libraries and corridors as well as externally to the playground.

View Details

Benefits of School Radio

  • A More Inclusive School

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  • Increase Vocational Skills

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  • Develop Communication

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  • Improve Literacy

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  • National Curriculum

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  • Build Confidence

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  • Teamwork

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Requirements for BR2 - Portable Studio

  • Two standard UK power sockets
  • Hardwired network access point
  • Web access
  • 2m clear table space
  • BT analogue telephone line (if required)