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Why School Radio?

Introducing a School Radio to your School is easy with this step by step guide and frequently asked questions.  If you want to visualise the process why not view/download our fantastic step by step interactive infographic?  Our team are happy to help you at and with more than 400+ School Radio installations to date we are the UK’s largest provider of broadcast radio technology for Education with decades of experience in developing and installing professional broadcast radio worldwide.  Why not check out our range of School Radio studios to suit any budget or requirement using our handy wizard to help you through your choices or contact us to arrange a free onsite, no obligation demonstration.

We haven’t thought about School Radio before, what are the benefits?

There are many benefits to School Radio, below are just a few, to see more click on the below link.

School Radio builds an inclusive atmosphere in the school and confidence in pupils and develops speaking and listening skills with literacy achieving a majority of the National Curriculum Standards… see more

Do we need a big budget for School Radio? 

You don’t need a big budget, you can start out in School Radio with just a starter studio package or you can choose to progress up the studio package ladder if you want more options and a bigger studio.  Did you know you can have a portable studio? or even one specifically for accessibility for students with varied levels of special educational needs? the choice is yours no matter what your school’s budget or requirements.  See our studio range.

I think my school would benefit from a School Radio but I don’t think we have the space or the resources.

You don’t need a lot of space for School Radio and you don’t even need a dedicated area, we can provide portable studios to transport easily around the school.  School Radio is so easy to learn that even a child of five years can learn to use the basics so staff resources are kept to a minimum!  We also provide free training and free lifetime office hour support with the majority of our School Radio packages see more details.

I don’t want to commit to purchasing a School Radio studio just yet – I want to see one in action and get a feel if it is right for our school.  I want our ICT/ Teachers and Head Teacher involved to.

We can provide a free, onsite, no obligation demonstration if you can provide an audience and a date at your school, the pupils are welcomed to try it out too to see how easy it is!  A demonstration takes minutes to set up and would only take an hour of your time.  Visit our site to enquire or arrange a free no obligation demonstration.

What skills do I, or the pupils need to run a School Radio?

You do not need any specific skills to either run or use a School Radio, you just need to have a willingness to learn and be creative!  Visit our ‘case studies’ page to see what other Schools and Academies have produced using their imagination, teamwork, speaking and listening skills and of course School Radio!

How does the School Radio station broadcast and do I need a licence?

There are many ways to broadcast your school radio station and depending on what you want to broadcast i.e. if you decide to play copyright music they are licenses easily available.   Here are the most popular:

  • Record your shows as MP3 to share
  • Stream within your schools network
  • Stream On-line to the world-wide-web via our School Radio Player
  • Broadcast via FM / AM

The School Radio Player makes launching your School Radio station as simple as tying your shoe laces! Login to your customer page, add in your station name, logo and description, and your School Radio Player is ready to provide access to your service across multiple browsers and devices.   For more information visit our School Radio Player page.

See our licensing page for more broadcast and Licensing information.  We can provide Web Streaming services, music and jingles packages and additional services and products see more details.

For more information visit our 'videos' page or our 'interactive infographic' to help you on your journey towards School Radio.

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