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First School Radio Show Handbook


The First School Radio Show Handbook  is a brilliant new resource to help you plan, produce and publish your first School Radio show using any of our acclaimed range of School Radio studios.

The 48 page book includes full colour, step by step guides to to the key technical processes you will need to create your first School Radio show.

These include:

  • Setting microphone levels (on a range of mixing desks)
  • Recording Audio
  • Simple Audio Editing
  • Compiling A Complete Show (for pre-recorded elements)
  • Exporting A Complete Show (for podcasting)
  • Scheduling A Show To Play At A Specific Time

Technical Steps For Setting mic Levels

But the First School Radio Show Handbook covers much more than just the technical aspects of School Radio. The book also covers how to go about planning your show and what elements you might want to include in your School Radio broadcasts. 

To help you produce your first show, the handbook focuses on creating a program which includes twelve of the most commonly used elements in School Radio. these are:

  • Introduction Element 
  • Jingle Elements
  • First Voice LInk Element
  • School News Element
  • Birthday Announcements Element
  • Music Promo Element
  • Sports Roundup Element
  • Joke Element
  • Second Voice Link Element
  • Interview Element
  • Whats On Guide Element
  • Sign Off Element

Each element is briefly outlined and an example script if provided. The students can then write their own version of the script in the space provided on each element page (which you can photocopy or print from the individual PDF's).

Example of a Joke element


Once all the scripts, research and preperation are complete, you are ready to use your new found skills to record, edit and compile your First School Radio Show which can be exported or scheduled to play at a specific days and times.

The First School Radio Show Handbook is available free of charge as a digital download to all School Radio customers, just head on over to the Resources page and login to download your copy today.

Want A Glossy Physical Copy?

School Radio Handbook

If you are not a School Radio customer or you would just prefer a nice glossy printed copy of the book then you can order them online from our store for £10 including free shipping to UK schools (additional charges apply to world wide shipping).

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