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Meet Heidi - our resource and curriculum expert

Heidi - The School Radio Curriculum & Resource Expert

Heidi is a fully qualified classroom teacher with over 15 year's experience working in Primary, Secondary and Special schools. As a secondary school teacher, Heidi taught English and ICT at all levels before converting to Primary school where she taught year group's 3 and 4.

Heidi is now a permanent member of the School Radio team and is responsible for creating and developing our range of resources and supporting material to provide you with the tools needed to create engaging, enjoyable content that will inspire learning and fuse School Radio with achieving the maximum potential of each child's educational progress.

The experience and knowledge that Heidi brings to the team is invaluable in the ongoing development of our supporting resources and mapping the benefits of School Radio activities to specific requirements outlined in the curriculum.

If you would like to contact Heidi to discuss any aspect of our Premium Resources or the National Curriculum, send her a message using our Contacts Page.

Our School Radio Resources


We offer two different levels of resources. All of them are free but the Premium Resources are only available for School Radio customers (e.g. schools that have purchased one of our systems), Standard Resources are free for everyone to download.


Standard Resources

All of our Standard Resources are freely available for anyone to download and use. These resources include lesson plans, information about radio stations and summary information on how School Radio links to the National Curriculum. 

You can also download our radio drama Premium Resource - Mystery On Spooky Hill, free of charge from this section.


Premium Resources

In addition to the Standard Resources, School Radio customers can also access all the content in the Premium Resources section. This includes a series of 'show specific' resources to help you create shows, as well as a full copy of the National Curriculum (both Primary and Secondary) complete with over a hundred notes on how sections can relate to School Radio.


All of our resources are created in-house using original content exclusively for School Radio customers. Feel free to reproduce and adapt content for your own use in school, all we ask is please don't publish or distribute copyrighted material without our permission.

Want To Get Involved?

  • Got an idea for a great resource you would like us to provide?
  • Have some material you would like us to publish for others to use?
  • Would you like to showcase the content your students have made on

If you have any ideas for resources that you would like us to provide, or if you have created some support material or content that you would like to share with others in the School Radio community, please feel free to get in contact.