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Quick Guide Documents

Download quick guides to help guide you everyday School Radio tasks.

Quick Guide Videos

Setting Up School Radio Player

Learn how to configure the School Radio Player and add podcasts.

Recording Audio In Myriad

Walk through the process of recording audio using Myriad.

Editing Audio Using SmoothEdit

A quick guide to some of the most used editing techniques.

Adding Some Effects To Your Recording

See how we can add some fun sound effects.

Compiling A Program

Learn how to use the pad to compile pre-recorded elements into a programme.

Export A Pad As A Single File

This guide shows you how to export Carts or Pads as MP3 files.

Putting It All Together To Make A Promo

Learn how to use your new skills to make a complex show promo.

Schedule A Pad To Play Automatically Using AutoPlayer

Learn how to use AutoPlayer to schedule your programmes to play at specific times.


For more detailed support documementation or to talk to our support team, please visit the P Squared Support website.