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School Radio Manual & Handbook

Whilst our School Radio systems have been carefully designed to be fun, intuitive and simple for presenters of all ages, occasionally we all need a little help getting started or remembering how to do something we have not done in a while. 

So if you need some help, don't panic, help is at hand with a full range of written and video resources covering all aspects of your School Radio system including:

But sometimes you just cant beat looking flicking through a good old fashioned book to find the information you need. We offer all School Radio customers two dedicated books to help you get the most from your system and create your first shows.

We Offer Two Dedicated Books Available To All School Radio Customers


Studio User Guide - For When You Need Some Techncial Help

 Studio User Guide

The Studio User Guide is a 168 pages full colour document covering all the technical aspects of your School Radio studio. Based on our most popular packages, the manual covers what all the knobs, buttons and switches do in simple, non-technical language.

The Studio User Guide also provides simple guides to using the Myriad software to add and play content, plan and record shows as well as how to schedule them to play at a specific time or export them as podcasts.

Finally, the manual provides information about customising and using the School Radio Player as well as adding content and live streams.

The Studio User Guide is available to download for free for anyone interested in School Radio.

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How To Make School Radio

 How To Make School Radio (How_To_Make_School_Radio_Cover.png)

The How To Make School Radio Shows book is an 80 page full colour guide to creating School Radio shows. Covering everything from the basic operation of the mixer through to the skills you will need in Myriad, it walks you through setting up and planning your show as well what you can do with your show once it is finished.

Unlike, the manual, this book focuses more on the creative process including deciding what elements to include in your show (news, interviews etc) as well as worksheets that will provide information about the elements, examples and script space for them to write their own content. 

Finally, the book will help you to build your elements into a show, schedule it to play live or upload it to the School Radio player.

The How To Make School Radio book is available to download for free exclusively for School Radio customers or you can order a glossy printed edition for a small fee (but you get one free when you order a School Radio package anyway!)

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We also offer a wide range of addtional resouces that are available to download free for all School Radio customers.