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School Radio Products


School Radio Player

The School Radio Player makes launching your School Radio station as simple as tying your shoe laces! Login to your customer page, add in your station name, logo and description, and your School Radio Player is ready to provide access to your service across multiple browsers and devices.
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Drama Suite Upgrade Package

This package includes additional microphones, floor stands, equipment and cables to allow you to add a dedicated drama suite to your School Radio Studio. Whether you want to produce a daily 'soap opera' or just the occasional radio play, this package is a useful addition to your School Radio setup.
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Studio Equipment

We offer a broad range of professional and semi-professional studio equipment to cover all of your School Radio needs. We are happy to provide you a competitive quote for anything from a mic to a complete studio. Many items are also available directly from our Broadcast Radio store. We can also advise on how to enhance or expand your existing School Radio package and on what products would best suit your needs.
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Myriad Radio Software

Myriad is the UK's No.1 radio playout and automation system and can be found in more radio stations than any other system. Myriad is also used across the spectrum of radio broadcasters with our customer base including commercial, community, hospital, internet, student and school radio (see customer list). So the system included in your school radio package is the same technology as we supply to the rest of the radio industry.
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The SRMv2 Mixer

We spent ages looking for a mixer that offered a range of key features, was easy to understand, was easy to use and represented great value for money. We couldn't find one so we designed our own!
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Sound Deadening

We offer a range of DIY fit acoustic tiles that can easily be fixed to walls and flat surfaces to disrupt reflective sound echos and 'deaden' acoustically 'lively' spaces.
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Speaker Systems

Installing speakers in key areas of your school is the most traditional way of creating a School Radio system. Speakers can be installed in key rooms such as dinner halls, libraries and corridors as well as externally to the playground.
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Training and Refresher Training

What better than to be trained or refreshed in your School Radio knowledge and know-how with our team at School Radio who have decades of experience! Not only have we installed and trained over 400+ School Radio stations to date, but we are the largest provider of broadcast radio technology for education and developing/installing professional broadcast radio software worldwide.
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Assessment and Engineering Visits

Sometimes you just need an engineer! Whether it is installing some new kit, moving a studio or just finding a fault, an experienced broadcast radio engineer is a God send. The problem is, what if your school radio station doesn't have an engineer? Fear not, our School Radio engineers are available for hire and ready to tackle just about any type of radio engineering job! So whether it just an assessment, studio MOT or an engineering visit we are happy to help!
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Custom School Radio App

A custom developed app for your School Radio provides an ideal way for you to connect with your students and your local community. We can provide custom apps for both iOS and Android devices.
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