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Drama Suite Upgrade Package

This package includes additional microphones, floor stands, equipment and cables to allow you to add a dedicated drama suite to your School Radio Studio.

Whether you want to produce a daily 'soap opera' or just the occasional radio play, this package is a useful addition to your School Radio setup.

This system will add an additional four microphones to your system complete with floor stands making them ideal for delivering engaging and energetic performances. The additional microphones are combined using the included active microphone mixer which also provides individual level control for each of the new microphones. This is then connected to an existing microphone channel on your School Radio Studio Package meaning that your drama suite will only take up one channel on our School Radio mixer.

This is especially useful for the Starter Package as it only allows two mixers in the first place.

Optionally, you can also add additional headphones and an active headphone amp to provide your performers with headphones during their performance. 

Drama Suite Upgrade Package


4 Channel Active Microphone Mixer

  • Connect up yo four dynamic (non powered) microphones.
  • Individual microphone level control
  • PSU Included
 4 Channel Mic Mixer

4 x Adjustable Microphone Floor Stands

  • Mat black lacquered
  • Adjustable boom length: 41-60 cm
  • Adjustable height: 56-100 cm
  • Storage dimensions: 10x56 cm
 Microphone Floor Stands

 4 x Dynamic (non powered) Vocal Micriphones


Vocal Mics

Cables & Connectors

  • All the cables needed to connect to your School Radio system.

Cables & Connectors

Picture for illustration. Correct cable set for your system will be supplied. 


Optional Headphone Package

In addition to the standard Drama Suite Package, you may wish to add some additional headphones for your performers. Some performers like to wear headphones, some don't so it is totally optional. You may also have available headphones from your standard School Radio package so we have llisted the options individually so you can specificy the headphones you need.

Headphone Splitter / Amplifier

Headphone Splitter

This will split your headphone output and allow you to plug in upto four additional headphones, each individually controlled.

Headphone Splitter / Amp - £50 + VAT


Additional Headphones


Add additional headphones as needed. Remember you can re-use the headphones supplied with your School Radio package if you wish.

Additional Headphones - £22.50+vat each

If you would like to add headphones and a headphone amp to your drama suite package, just let us know when you place your order.

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This package includes additional microphones, floor stands, equipment and cables to allow you to add a dedicated drama suite to your School Radio Studio. Whether you want to produce a daily 'soap opera' or just the occasional radio play, this package is a useful addition to your School Radio setup.


"A few years ago I stood in the playground with 400 children and we jumped up and down for one minute. We were jumping in unison with thousands of other children around the UK to see if we could register on the Richter Scale. With hindsight this is a pretty crazy thing to do. What if it had worked? What if there had been a significant land movement as a result of us jumping? Think of all those other things that were jumping at the same time. Kangaroos, children on space hoppers, beans, anyone in a gym and a few people watching Whoopi Goldbery in Jumping Jack Flash! Anything could have happened. On the Internet ideas can go viral so quickly. Take Dumb Ways to Die, an ad campaign for staying safe around trains, which has had over 59 million hits so far. Imagine if ‘Jump Day’ had gone viral! The idea of almost 60 million people suddenly deciding to jump… There are over 7 billion people of the planet. It makes me wonder; what does it take to get 7 billion people involved in the same activity at the same time? What would happen if they all jumped at the same time? And how do you reach them to tell them? In school, I constantly tell the children that their work isn’t just for them and their teacher, it’s for a potential audience of 7 billion. Dream big, right? So, we publish children’s work online, in books, we makes videos and we have a radio station running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last week I received an email from Georgia, US. The email was from the Principal of Elm Street Elementary School and she had been compelled to get in touch with me about Anson Radio. She is one of the 7 billion. She is also living 4224 miles away and in a completely different time zone! Yet we connected. The Principal told me how inspired she had been by the work of the school generally in our use of technology but particularly how she had enjoyed listening to the children on Anson Radio. She is our biggest fan! Our children were blown away that someone that far away was listening to them, that their ideas were being heard, that all I’d told them about the 7 billion listeners could come true! Many people have asked us why a primary school wanted a radio station and I think the answer is simple. We don’t want one. We need one. Using School Radio we are able to give the children a voice and a purpose to their work. For a school with high numbers of children who speak English as a second language (80-90%), radio broadcasting and podcasting are crucial to improve speaking and listening skills. We see children coming in to the radio station who find it hard to communicate in class, but they come alive when they step in to the room. In time this translates back to their class work, not just in their speaking skills, but also in their desire to produce writing of quality to record on the radio. Since the introduction of the radio station we have seen motivation, engagement and quality increase in the vast array of work being recorded on the station. We have sections on story, poetry and science. We have history, facts and songs. Children recorded their instructions, play their musical instruments and broadcast live to the dining room and playground at lunchtime. In addition we strip sound from class assemblies, school YouTube videos and performances to give children their voice. School Radio is powerful. School radio gives the youngest children a reason to write, a place to speak and a way to share their work with 7 billion. Just imagine the idea of connecting with 7 billion people, sharing your work, making them laugh or cry or shout or scream or making the want to jump up and down! Imagine the consequences!"

Simon Pile - Assistant Head Teacher at Anson Primary

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Requirements for Drama Suite Upgrade Package

This package is compatible with the following School Radio studios:

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  • Starter Package
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  • SR2
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