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Myriad Radio Software

Myriad is the UK's No.1 radio playout and automation system and can be found in more radio stations than any other system. Myriad is also used across the spectrum of radio broadcasters with our customer base including commercial, community, hospital, internet, student and school radio (see customer list). So the system included in your school radio package is the same technology as we supply to the rest of the radio industry.

Myriad in dual screen mode

But what is a playout system and why do you need one?

The playout system is the heart of a modern radio station. It is (usually) a computer system that is used to record, store and play all the audio content that will be used on your radio station. Think about it like a big, professional 'iTunes' with a whole bunch of fancy tools designed to make your radio station sound great without you needing to do too much work.

The Myriad playout system has been used in radio stations throughout the UK for more than a decade but it is still constantly evolving to provide intuitive, powerful features to enhance your stations sound. Myriad also allows you to easily extend your stations broadcast hours by offering great sounding automation to allow you to continue broadcasting even when everyone has gone home.

The key benefits of the Myriad system are:

  • All music and audio content is stored on the PC and is instantly available
    for playback at the touch of a button. Recorded audio is known as Carts.
  • Presenters can manually play Carts or setup sequences to play
  • Audio can be edited using the inbuilt SmoothEdit feature.
  • Full automation allows your system to run 24/7.
  • Powerful 'Find Cart' features help you find the audio you are looking
  • Programmes can be planned ready for on-air delivery.
  • 'Live Assist' mode makes presenting so easy, anyone can do it.
  • Powerful advanced features such as AutoHook and Sweeper allow radio novices
    to sound like pros.
  • System is used in hundreds of radio stations so it offers very real
    vocational training.
  • Intuitive interface can be customised to the presenters needs.
  • Schools get the same system that we supply to large commercial radio
  • Package includes a full range of supporting tools and products.
  • Package includes 2 additional licenses so more than one group can be working
    on Myriad at the same time.
  • The  Myriad Keyboard included allows you to control an entire radio show from
    one button!
  • Developed and supported in the UK by P Squared Ltd.

Myriad provides a simple, intuitive and customisable environment that will
become the hub for all of your radio station activities. All the music, jingles,
features and programmes that you create will be stored on the system and Myriad
will also be used for playing them on both live shows and automated

The Myriad Suite included in all of our School Radio packages actually has
all the software you will need to run your radio station. The list below
outlines the role of the software included in the Myriad Suite.

Myriad - Studio based playout and automation system.
Includes the Audio Wall, Instant Carts, SmoothEdit, Log Screen and Song / Link

Myriad Manager - Provides administration tools and
reports and lets you control how much access to your Myriad system each user

Myriad CD Ripping Module - Allows you to 'rip' audio from CD's
directly in to Myriad. The Myriad ripping module also performs a 'digital top',
normalisation and optional compression of the ripped audio and can scan your
Audio Wall for existing Carts with similar Title or Artists.

Myriad Emergency Recovery - If all else fails, this
utility allows you to configure Myriad's basic options even if Myriad itself can
not run.

PRS Report Generator - Produces comprehensive reports
for copyright agencies such as PRS, PPL and MCPS etc.

Log Import Wizard - For stations using third party
music  and advert scheduling systems such as Selector (tm) and

AutoTrack - Intelligent Music and Jingle scheduling
system. Includes basic Link scheduling for a complete station scheduling

Advanced Advert Manager - Offers simple advert scheduling facilities
for stations with less demanding traffic needs.

OCP - Provides 'live' updates including text, links
and pictures to web and WAP sites as well as text info to Digital Radio (DAB)

Voice / Segue Editor - This adds 'voice tracking' and segue editing
capabilities to your standard Myriad system. This allows you to simply and
efficiently add live sounding 'voice' links to your automated output and to fine
tune the automation to the way you want it to sound.

Podcast Creator - Turn your recordings in to Podcasts with
the simple and intuitive tool.

You will find a lot more information on Myriad on the main P Squared website
which is

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Myriad is the UK's No.1 radio playout and automation system and can be found in more radio stations than any other system. Myriad is also used across the spectrum of radio broadcasters with our customer base including commercial, community, hospital, internet, student and school radio (see customer list). So the system included in your school radio package is the same technology as we supply to the rest of the radio industry.

Complete Software Suite From £99 + VAT Per Calendar Month

"A few years ago I stood in the playground with 400 children and we jumped up and down for one minute. We were jumping in unison with thousands of other children around the UK to see if we could register on the Richter Scale. With hindsight this is a pretty crazy thing to do. What if it had worked? What if there had been a significant land movement as a result of us jumping? Think of all those other things that were jumping at the same time. Kangaroos, children on space hoppers, beans, anyone in a gym and a few people watching Whoopi Goldbery in Jumping Jack Flash! Anything could have happened. On the Internet ideas can go viral so quickly. Take Dumb Ways to Die, an ad campaign for staying safe around trains, which has had over 59 million hits so far. Imagine if ‘Jump Day’ had gone viral! The idea of almost 60 million people suddenly deciding to jump… There are over 7 billion people of the planet. It makes me wonder; what does it take to get 7 billion people involved in the same activity at the same time? What would happen if they all jumped at the same time? And how do you reach them to tell them? In school, I constantly tell the children that their work isn’t just for them and their teacher, it’s for a potential audience of 7 billion. Dream big, right? So, we publish children’s work online, in books, we makes videos and we have a radio station running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Last week I received an email from Georgia, US. The email was from the Principal of Elm Street Elementary School and she had been compelled to get in touch with me about Anson Radio. She is one of the 7 billion. She is also living 4224 miles away and in a completely different time zone! Yet we connected. The Principal told me how inspired she had been by the work of the school generally in our use of technology but particularly how she had enjoyed listening to the children on Anson Radio. She is our biggest fan! Our children were blown away that someone that far away was listening to them, that their ideas were being heard, that all I’d told them about the 7 billion listeners could come true! Many people have asked us why a primary school wanted a radio station and I think the answer is simple. We don’t want one. We need one. Using School Radio we are able to give the children a voice and a purpose to their work. For a school with high numbers of children who speak English as a second language (80-90%), radio broadcasting and podcasting are crucial to improve speaking and listening skills. We see children coming in to the radio station who find it hard to communicate in class, but they come alive when they step in to the room. In time this translates back to their class work, not just in their speaking skills, but also in their desire to produce writing of quality to record on the radio. Since the introduction of the radio station we have seen motivation, engagement and quality increase in the vast array of work being recorded on the station. We have sections on story, poetry and science. We have history, facts and songs. Children recorded their instructions, play their musical instruments and broadcast live to the dining room and playground at lunchtime. In addition we strip sound from class assemblies, school YouTube videos and performances to give children their voice. School Radio is powerful. School radio gives the youngest children a reason to write, a place to speak and a way to share their work with 7 billion. Just imagine the idea of connecting with 7 billion people, sharing your work, making them laugh or cry or shout or scream or making the want to jump up and down! Imagine the consequences!"

Simon Pile - Assistant Head Teacher at Anson Primary

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Requirements for Myriad Radio Software

Windows 10 Pro PC


i3 Processor (or higher)

MS SQL Express 2016

Multi-Channel Soundcard