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Sound Deadening

We offer a range of DIY fit acoustic tiles that can easily be fixed to walls and flat surfaces to disrupt reflective sound echos and 'deaden' acoustically 'lively' spaces.

Flat surfaces such as walls reflect soundwaves, and in a small room, these reflected sounds can feed back into the microphone making the broadcast sound like it is coming from a large hall. These sound absorbent panels both absorb sound and disrupt soundwaves via their acoustic properties and disruptive profiles.  By placing these tiles in front and behind your presenter, you can minimise the effect of deflective echoes. Some packages also include bass absorbent corner tiles that further help to deaden sound within the room.

Note: If you add one of these packages to your main studio installation then the installation period will need to be increased by one day to cover the additional work. The standard rate for this is £300 but educational establishments are charged at £200 per additional days installation plus an additional night's accommodation.  If you wish us to install your sound deadening package at a different time to your studio installation then a travel charge will also apply.

Classic Wedge 30 Acoustic Foam Tile (Grey or Blue)

Classic Wedge 30 (Grey) Classic Wedge 30 (Blue)

Wedge Tile Example Wedge Tiles Example 2

The original Classic WedgeTM design by EQ Acoustics. Made from 100% genuine open-cell acoustic foam. Highly effective sound absorption resulting in less room reverberation / echo. Manufactured in the UK to high quality standards.

  • 16 tiles per pack = 1.44 SQM coverage
  • Each Tile Measures 30cm x 30cm x 5cm
  • Colour: Storm Grey (5060432330002) or Electric Blue (5060432330019)
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
  • Fire Safe (rated to UL94 HF1)
  • Easy to install with adhesive, double sided tape or EQ Acoustics Flexi Fit

Buy Grey 16 Pack

Buy Blue 16 Pack

Price: £49.99 (for 16 tile pack)

Classic Wedge 60 Acoustic Foam Tile (Grey or Blue)

Classic Wedge 60 (Grey) Classic Wedge 60 (Blue)

Ideal for your recording studio, vocal booth, home cinema etc. Classic Wedge 60 tiles reduce unwanted reverberation and sound reflections resulting in better recordings, tighter mixes and a more accurate and pleasing sonic experience.

Manufactured from EQ’s exclusive open cell acoustic foam, this product is a stylish interpretation of the classic ‘Wedge’ design. Produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, these acoustic tiles have a uniquely sharp and consistent finish for the ultimate ‘studio’ look.

With 8 tiles per box you can assemble a wide variety of wall patterns. Check out the example room and wall layouts or email us for expert guidance in treating your room.

These 60cm tiles are ideal for treating larger areas quickly and easy and work perfectly in combination with our ColourPanels and our smaller 30cm Classic Wedge 30 Tiles.

Available in Storm Grey and Electric Blue.

  • Tile Size: 60cm x 60cm x 5cm
  • Quantity: 8 tiles per box
  • Coverage: 2.88 SQM
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
  • Fire: UL94 HF1
  • Suggested Fixing Method: EQ FlexFit hook and loop / building adhesive / contact us for alternative options

Buy Grey 8 Pack

Buy Blue 8 Pack

Price: £100.00 (for 8 tile pack)

ColourPanel 60 Acoustic Foam Tiles (Burgundy, Black, Whote, Natural, Red, Ink Blue)

ColourPanel Burgundy ColourPanel Black

ColourPanel Blue ColourPanel Natural

ColourPanel Red ColourPanel White

ColourPanel Example ColourPanel Example 2

Our new ColourPanel 60 tiles offer a sharper and more inspiring way to brighten up your recording studio.

Available in 6 modern colours, these fabric-faced sound absorbers will create a superior atmosphere in any room, both sonically and visually.

A new edge bevel softens the look of individually placed tiles and gives you a cool shadow gap when tiles are placed next to each other. They also integrate perfectly with our popular Classic Wedge acoustic tiles and Project Corner Traps.

As with all our open-cell foam absorbers, ColourPanels are highly effective at dealing with unwanted sound reflections. Place them in the right spot on your wall or ceiling and in no time you’ll be making better mix decisions and experiencing less unwanted reverb and acoustic distortion.

By combining these colour panels with the 'wedge foam tiles' you can also create so very effective and appealing designs.

  • Tile Size: 60cm x 60cm x 5cm
  • Quantity: 6 per box
  • Coverage: 2.16 SQM
  • Colours: Black, White, Natural, Red, Burgundy, Ink Blue
  • Foam Colour: Storm Grey
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
  • Fire: Fabric – FRBS587 / Foam – UL94 HF1
  • Suggested Fixing Method: EQ FlexFit hook and loop / building adhesive / contact us for alternative options

Buy Black 6 Pack

Buy Burgundy 6 Pack

Buy Ink Blue 6 Pack

Buy Natural 6 Pack

Buy Red 6 Pack

Buy White 6 Pack

Price £179.99 (for 6 pack)

Corner Traps (Grey, Blue)

Corner Traps Grey Corner Traps Blue


With a lot of modern music it’s the low frequencies that excite us most. How many musical styles are pretty-much defined by the bass line? We engineers and producers know this and it is one reason we spend so much time tweaking the low-end of our recordings. The other reason is that bass is just so difficult to mix accurately in the average sized studio.

And that’s where Project Corner Traps come in – they help you hear what the low frequencies are really doing so you can easily produce mixes that get your listener moving.

Formed from our proven open cell acoustic foam, Project Corner Traps work on a broad range of frequencies that extend down into the all-important lows. They are designed to fit neatly into the vertical and horizontal corners of your studio where most bass problems form. Coving is no problem – Project Corner Traps feature an air gap at the back.

Available in Storm Grey and Electric Blue.

Use in combination with Project Corner Cubes for maximum absorption coupled with a modern studio look. For treating high and mid frequencies, check out our Classic Wedge and ColourPanel acoustic tiles.

  • Bass Trap Size: 60cm x 30cm x 30cm
  • Quantity: 2 traps per box
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC): 0.85
  • Fire: UL94 HF1
  • Suggested Fixing Method: EQ FlexFit hook and loop / building adhesive / contact us for alternative options

Buy Grey (2 Pack)

Buy Blue (2 Pack)

Price £70.00 (for 2 pack)

Project Room Kit (Grey only)

Project Foam Room Kit Project Room Kit Example

The Project Room Kit combines 2 x corner traps with a pack of 16 classic wedge tiles, speaker 'issolation' foam and fixing kit in one cost effective package.


Kit contains:

  • 2 X Corner Traps
  • 16 X Classic Wedge 30 Tiles
  • 1 X Pack of speaker isolation 'wedges'
  • 1 X Flexi-fit 32 fixing kit
  • Supplied in grey only

Buy Kit

Price £169.99

Acoustic Tile Fixing Options

Flex-fit 32 - Pack of 32 velcro self adhesive strips - £22.79 per pack

Flexible Adhesive - Requires applicastion gun - £11.99 per tube


Please note that sound deadening is not the same as sound proofing. These kits will not sound proof a room but will help to muffle outside noise and reduce sound reflections.

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We offer a range of DIY fit acoustic tiles that can easily be fixed to walls and flat surfaces to disrupt reflective sound echos and 'deaden' acoustically 'lively' spaces.

Starting From £49.99

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Requirements for Sound Deadening

Please note that these packages can be DIY installed or installed by our engineers along with your studio package. Accoustic tiles are stuck to your walls using sillicone based adhesive and should be considerd as a permentant installation.

Please note that the room that needs to have flat wall surfaces, free from loose plaster and be well ventilated.