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Web Streaming

Streaming your station on the web is a great way of getting your content out to your listeners. Streaming is technically easy, your stream can be accessed on a number of devices and you do not need a broadcast license.

In fact, the only thing you will need to consider before taking your station 'on line' is that if you want to include commercial music in your broadcasts (i.e. play the latest Olly Murs etc) then you will need to speak to PPL and PRS regarding music licensing for web broadcasts.  Visit our licensing page for more details.

In terms of streaming your school radio project, there are two main approaches:

  • Streaming Around Your School Network - This enables PC's and other devices within your network to listen to your broadcasts.
  • Streaming On The Web - This allows anyone outside of your school to listen via a PC or other device.

If you are just streaming around your own school network then you can usually host everything yourself and do not require a 3rd party service provider.

If you want people from around the world to be able to listen to your School Radio system then you will need to use a service provider to host your web radio station. All our studio packages include 12 months School Radio Player free of charge, which is a cross platform player for combined streaming and podcasts (you just need to cover the music licensing costs).  Visit our School Radio Player page for more information and added bolt-on options for music and licensing.

 School Radio Player

School Radio Player Info

The School Radio Player makes launching your School Radio station as simple as tying your shoe laces! Login to your customer page, add in your station name, logo and description, and your School Radio Player is ready to provide access to your service across multiple browsers and devices.

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School Radio Player is free for 12 or 24 months depending on your School Radio studio package for additional years prices start from just £35+vat per month.

Contact us for a free no obligation quote.  Or visit our School Radio Player page for more information and Music/Licensing Bolt-ons.


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Streaming is the generic term for transferring audio from one place to another via a data network which is all very dull! What is not so dull is the possibilities that streaming technology provides school radio projects. Streaming can provide a convenient way of distributing audio around your school network and could be the mechanism used to make your content available to the entire world via the web.

School Radio Player starting from just £35+vat a month.

"The School Radio was an unequivocal success. We had over 60 students broadcasting over the festival they absolutely loved it. "

Trevor Kidson, Teacher, Bradfield College

Benefits of School Radio

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  • Teamwork

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Requirements for Web Streaming

You will need some encoding software or a hardware encoder to convert your School Radio station's output into a digital stream that can be broadcast on the web. There are a number of free broadcast encoding tools (such as Winamp and Windows Media Encoder). If you want something a bit more professional then we would recommend one of our hardware encoding boxes that start from £350+vat.  Please contact our team for more information.