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Benefits of School Radio

  • A More Inclusive School

    A School Radio station run by the students and for the students will help build an inclusive a... Read More

  • Increase Vocational Skills

    Despite the ease of use, the Myriad software (included in all of our SR range packages) is not... Read More

  • Develop Communication

    Radio is about speaking and listening. Whether you are presenting or just listening to a show,... Read More

  • Improve Literacy

    Seems strange to be talking about writing skills in radio but the first time a student looks a... Read More

  • National Curriculum

    Aside from being a lot of fun, School Radio also helps schools and academies to supplement lea... Read More

  • Build Confidence

    Most people find talking to 'mic' in a closed room far less intimidating than appearing o... Read More

  • Giving Students A Voice

    School Radio offers a platform for your students to discuss the issues that matter to them in ... Read More

  • Teamwork

    School Radio can be used as both a learning aid and a communication tool by all the department... Read More

Free Resources


Studio User Guide

The Studio User Guide is a 168 pages full ...


Mystery On Spooky Hill

[Updated] This short radio play example pa...

So awaiting the table cloth, to start the show build 😀 17:38 - 23/03/2018
UK Customers: Remember the Clocks go forward to BST this Sun 25th March at 01:00. For Myriad Playout v4 (4.0.18 or… 09:28 - 23/03/2018
Exciting news over on Facebook (you can still look at the details if you dont have a FB account!) 12:56 - 22/03/2018
@theHBAuk conference this weekend, so we thought that a little picture of what we will be showing might whet your a… 08:22 - 22/03/2018
IMPORTANT Windows 10 Update information that may impact your station. Full details are available on our Facebook pa… 12:09 - 20/03/2018

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